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My name is Jason Gavin. I am the craftsman of Argo Pen and Gifts. I started making pens as an stress relief from my day job. Making saw dust and having something to show for it provided great satisfaction and relaxation. This “saw dust therapy” came with one draw back however as I soon had hundreds of pens. My wife said I couldn’t make any more until I sold some of them. Thus was born Argo Pen and Gifts.

My aim is to make pens that are unique and connect to the person receiving them. Whether it’s a pop culture pen made from a postage stamp , bottlecap, or watch parts, a pen from an exotic wood burl or colorful acrylic, or a wood pen engraved with something meaningful, every item is meant to tell a story.

I try to do between 8-12 shows a year. Mostly from June through December. You can find out about upcoming events on the events page.

Please take a look around. Contact me with any questions. Thank You for visiting.