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Fountain Pens make a statement and writing with one can be a pleasure. Ink choices are many. All our fountain pens can use ink cartridges or converter reservoirs. I’m not an ink supplier (I’d need another booth at the shows if I did.) but I’ll through in a cartridge, converter and a small sample bottle of ink with your purchase. We have several styles with introductory fountain pens running $60 up to our Top line fountains which can run up to $150.

Rollerball are similar to ballpoints in that there is a ball bearing that aids the ink being applied to the paper. Rollerball are liquid ink. The write smoother than ballpoints but are susceptible to drying out. That is why they have caps like the fountain pens. Rollerballs run anywhere from$50-$100. We try to use the best material for the fountain pens and rollerballs.